MAKING a brand


The point of the project was to develop a brand. Find a demographic, research it to find needs, then design a lunch box and supporting brand to meet those needs. I chose to focus on families because they are often chaotic. I wanted to find the unused resources and help kids eat healthier and try new foods, without adding more effort for the parents. 


families are picking up speed 

I surveyed 25 parents to get a range of routines andlifestyles. I also filmed a weekday morning of a family with 2 young boys. This gave me a sneak peak into a few different areas like packing, organizing, habits, and last minute hang ups. This research showed three opportunities: 

1. Get the kids involved.

2. Make reusable packaging easier. 

3 They needed a way to customize for each kid. 

seating options-01.png

Making the pieces fit  

I tried at first to have one solid structure that could accommodate lots of different foods. Then, I realized the lunch box itself could be part of the building process. It’s no longer just about the food. I wanted to make a system that would grow with the kids.  


Brand DNA

This project was primarily about developing a brand. The product was just one piece. Several exercises and weeks of narrowing and refining resulted in these brand elements. 


Final pieces

By creating a system, rather than just one lunch box, kids are allowed to play with the form and let it be whatever they want. 

Parents can pack pieces of lunch the night before (bread in one container, peanut butter in the smaller one) ensuring there are healthy options. In the morning, it’s up to the kids to take what they want for the day and snap the pieces together.