This project emphasizes the need to nurture one's personal creativity, in connection with the development of ideas for the consumer market. I needed to create a small batch of the product of my choice, and identify what it would take to move this product full scale. I have always really liked tea, from the ritual of making a cup, to the soothing results. 



Siberian ginseng tastes like dirt

I started with researching ingredients, then decided on the end effects that I wanted. Once that was decided, I purchased them through reputable websites and bartered with a local vendor.

I couldn’t just blindly mix herbs together until I knew what they tasted like on their own, and when paired with others. This was a lot of trial and error. I ended up with three flavor profiles. 

seating options-01.png

Almost bit off more than I can chew 

A small pouch and two tea bags per unit meant a lot of sewing and detail work. I did my best to tap into my factory experience and streamline the process as much as possible. Sewing the packaging individually seems like it might take too long to be worth it. But for a relatively small batch I wanted make them myself. I double sewed, then burned the edges of the pouch so it wouldn’t fray. I wanted it to be obviously handmade. That way, each is unique, which provides visual clues to the care and attention brought to the process. 


Finally selling

My classmates and I made a pop-up store. Open for one week only, Designed to Be Sold displayed our work. The packages was displayed with loose tea so the customers could smell the tea and see what they were buying. The remainder of my first run was sold in two lots to a small local gift shop. They found many ways to incorporate the unusual shape into their displays.