All the Values-06.png

What kind of agency are you?


EGGS Design nearly doubled in size after a big expansion and the leadership team felt a good use of the annual retreat would be to revamp the company values. With more people involved, they would reflect the agency as it currently is. We held a day of workshops and once we were back in the office, I made a short video to explain each of these values.


Who is EGGS?

When we first talked about making a video describing the values, I assumed it would feature many of my co-workers' faces. In the end, we wanted it to be more timeless. I hoped that people hired after the movie was made would be able to see themselves more in this. 

In the end, I tried to stay as gender balanced as possible, and preferred to stick with neutral characters like the rocket, robots, and bicycle. The only human figures remain quite small. When these characters started to get picked up and used in other places like hiring adverts and email signatures, I knew we made the right choice. 


The final scene in the values animation was reworked for recruitment in the Oslo office. I also made one for the Trondheim office and after I left there was one made for the Stavanger office.