About me

I'm showing myself through the people I've worked with. They have a pretty realistic sense of who I am, instead of who I think I'm presenting myself as.

Why? Honestly, I hate talking about myself. Also, I love charts and maps. I sent four questions to former classmates, professors, and past and current co-workers, and supervisors. At the time I was working at the Mayo Clinic. I didn't make any changes to the responses aside from a few spelling errors.

On this map, junctions mean that different people gave the same response. For example, two former co-workers, classmates, or professors used the word "engaging", but one to describe my personality or perspective, and the other used it to describe my work. 

I obviously took major inspiration from subway lines. I spent a long time staring at the junctions and logic on Harry Beck's diagrammatic Underground and Massimo Vignelli's NYC Subway map.



+47 930.08.692

When traveling:  

+1 617.365.1964  or  +44  7874.130.437


I had planned to get updated responses before leaving EGGS Design, but they beat me to it. Below is the unedited, embarrassing video they presented to me before I left to finish my masters, awkward 90's party photos and all. 


Thanks guys.